New Roofing

Provided the day to day task of keeping the elements that could damage our homes and businesses off our minds, our team at CR Roofing is here to ease your troubles. Property protection and safety is something that all of us hinges on. That is why, whenever you are considering the installing of a brand new roof for any property, you have to make sure that you are applying the very best quality work.  CR Roofing is the team that you can depend on to provide the very best in new roofing solutions. We are proud to be Grande Prairies premiere roofing service provider.

New Roof Installation

If you are wanting to replace your old roof or are constructing a new property and are needing an initial installation, we are able to assist you. Our team does quality roof installations, making use of a wide range of different materials in desired styles. We’ll design your roof towards the specifications and needs that you have, paying very close attention to accuracy through the entire task. Realize that, you are able to rely on us to deliver an aesthetically pleasing roof cutting no corners during the install process. Your new roof will be beautiful and functioning great.

Shingle Roofing

For a timeless appearance that is of the highest quality, shingle roofing has shown again and again to be a standout favorite. Regarded as strong and fantastic at carrying away rainwater, these are used in homes for generations. Coming in numerous different styles, shingles enable many aesthetic options, meaning that you will no doubt have the ability to discover the best one for you. Whether you are searching for a financial choice, such as asphalt shingles, or if you should be more in need of something a bit more premium, such as slate shingles, you’ll guarantee I will be in a position to install each.

Metal Roofing

If you need only strength and reliability from your roofing installation, your choice that is best may be metal roofing. Resistant to essentially anything, aluminum metal roofs are the best choice for pure durability. Your household will be safe for the inclusion with this roof style, being equally strong from the weather, fire damage, and general wear and tear.  You can be confident knowing that you are hiring the absolute best in metal roofing installers whenever choosing or professional team.

Flat Roofing

With those whose main concern is finding the option which will help that is best to boost their energy efficiency, we suggest our flat roofing option. This is usually a choice that keeps growing in popularity, as people are beginning to take advantage of the way that is cost-effective further decrease their energy bill. What’s more, this option is low maintenance and will require small work doing to your demand, during its lifetime. This keeps overall costs and labor for your roof down for the lifetime of the structure. You can trust our professional team to set up a roof that will make good on most of these things and you also can trust that people will obtain the job done quickly and efficiently.